Virtual Entertainment World & Digital Life

Decentralized & Trusted online Contents platform!!

Advantages of MECA City

Virtual Entertainment World & Digital Life
1. Enjoy the management of assets (real estate, content) in our virtual city     as a form of entertainment.
2. Generate sales thru content and services offerings from these virtual     real estate.
3. Enable users to enjoy decorating their own buildings and avatars via our     SNS.
4. Provide convenience, transparency and stability of payment through     MECA Coin and MECA Pay.
The Ultimate Experience
1. E-commerce: You can sell/buy online goods, etc.
2. Access digital contents: Entertainment services within MECA City offer      a variety of digital content, such as games.
3. Use offline: Reservations and various services are available at concert      halls/hotels/restaurants. .
Decentralization of Digital Store/Building Ownership
Not only can you be a player in the city, but you can also own an individual store / building. Each store / building becomes a unique asset that can be traded between users through smart contracts. The owner of each store / building is called a Master and becomes the business partner of MECA City, which shares commission revenue. We aim to become a centralized blockchain city with a delegation of ownership by delegating the operation of stores / buildings to the Master.
Various profit models of the MECA City
1. Content Revenue: From content usage by players.
2. Real Estate Revenue: From the sale and lease of stores and buildings.
3. Currency Exchange Fee: From MECA Coin and MECA Pay swaps.
4. Trading Fees: From brokering Master and Player asset trading

Structural Overview of MECA City

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MECA Coin is a DApp run on the ICON public blockchain.

1. Players can exchange MECA Coins into MECA Pays to play games
2. ‘Masters’ can purchase individual stores and store assets to provide games to players
3. MECA City facilitates fair and transparent trading systems via the blockchain
4. MECA Coin can be instantly exchanged to and from MECA Pay at a rate  at any time 

Functions of MECA City

  • Provides easy viewing and control of the entire city in various direction.   

  • Provides an interface for viewing and enjoying the outside and inside of the store. 

  •  Provides the ability to decorate, purchase, and sell content in the store. 

  •  MECA Coin has potential to reach the popularity of Bitcoin which is accepted in major ecommerce platforms. Check this køb bitcoin guide to learn how to buy Bitcoin.

  •  Check activity (purchase, profit, etc.) between users and provide rankings for viewing.

  • Provides an interface and transparency that makes it easy to check all transaction details of Smart Contract.

  • Provide a channel for communicating between master and player.

The Roadmap



MECA Coin website launch / White paper release


Designated Business Act (DBA) registration by Isle of Man Financial Service Authority / Release of prototype video (HTML5)


started Private sale


1st round of open recruitment for casino master / Launch of prototype games for PC (Table games, Blackjack, Baccarat HTML5)


Open Casino model house / Obtain Gambling License / 2nd round of open recruitment for casino masters


3rd round of open recruitment for casino masters


Open Masters’ casino


Launch Sports Betting / 4th round of open recruitment for casino masters

We are trying our best to keep the schedule with the roadmap. But the schedule may be changed during the progress of the project.


You can exchange “MECA Coin” for “MECA Pay” in the “MECA City” exchange office.
Then, you can play contents by using that.
Also, MECA Coin can be used for the purchase of individual stores and asset transactions such as store asset.

Available anywhere in the world, certain content is provided for countries allowed by law.

We aim to open the service in 2020, and think that there is some hope that some things could be serviced earlier than expectation.
Future detail development plans will be announced as soon as possible.