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Enjoy fair blockchain casino with MECA Coin.

MECA Bet is opened for service.


Advantages of MECA Casino

Fair & Transparent Game Play
Every game played in MECA Casino is guaranteed to be fair and transparent. We achieve this promise through triple-layer, random number generation; a statistically impossible-to-fabricate result which is also verifiable via the MECA Chain blockchain.
The Ultimate Gaming Experience
MECA Casino offers players the highest level of casino game graphics and responsive play across their their devices. Through a technical cooperation contract with partners, sports betting services will also soon be added to the platform.
Decentralization of Casino Ownership
MECA Casino operation is delegated to players when they purchase casino assets, thus becoming ‘Master’ nodes on the network. Casinos can be traded among Masters through smart contracts via a secure trading system provided by MECA Casino.
Minimum service charge
MECA Casino will maintain a continuous house edge and service charge at a rate that is one-tenth (1/10) that of traditional online casino operators. A portion of the profits will also be compensated to casino ‘Masters’ who shall act as nodes and facilitate the actual operation of casino games.

Structural Overview of MECA Casino

MECA Coin is a DApp run on the ICON public blockchain.

1. Players can exchange MECA Coins into MECA Chips to play games
2. ‘Masters’ can purchase individual casinos and casino assets to provide games to players
3. MECA Casino facilitates fair and transparent trading systems via the blockchain
4. MECA Coin can be instantly exchanged to and from MECA Chip at a rate of 1:1 at any time 

Contents of MECA Casino

MECA Casino is currently servicing casino games in Oculus mobile VR and all the games will be based on HTML5 to support multiple devices.

All the contents are developed in 3D by high quality 3D online game experts. Players can freely explore virtual Casino City. Players can also communicate with other players or enjoy casino games together.

MECA Casino is developed and examined by experienced experts in casino game development and services. With the clear target of Casino as entertainment, the service has highest level of contents and quality along with blockchain technology that is fair and transparent.

The Roadmap



MECA Coin website launch / White paper release


Designated Business Act (DBA) registration by Isle of Man Financial Service Authority / Release of prototype video (HTML5)


started Private sale


1st round of open recruitment for casino master / Launch of prototype games for PC (Table games, Blackjack, Baccarat HTML5)


Open Casino model house / Obtain Gambling License / 2nd round of open recruitment for casino masters


3rd round of open recruitment for casino masters


Open Masters’ casino


Launch Sports Betting / 4th round of open recruitment for casino masters

We are trying our best to keep the schedule with the roadmap. But the schedule may be changed during the progress of the project.


Min Kim

– ICON Foundation Council
Member & Head of ICON US
– DAYLI Financial Group Advisor
– Tapas Media Inc. COO
– IVELA Global Founder

Thomas Jeon

– Nomad Connection Co-founder & CEO
– Blockchain & Fintech service dev.
– AI core platform dev.
& audio/video streaming
service dev.
– Penta Security
Systems Software Engineer
– Mpeon Asia Operation Team leader

Hino Lam

– Invest Mgmt & Advisory
– SML Holdings (Fin Deal focused)
– Goldman Sachs (sell-side research)
– Bear Stearns (sell-side research)
– Buy-side PE Dir & Sell-side Exec Dir

Injun Jung

– AdColony Korea : Korea GM
– Tapjoy Korea : Director
– Microsoft Asia : Business Manager
– MTV Korea : Manager
– Havas Korea : Team Head

Israel Weisman

– Over 25 years of
R&D experience
– Blockchain exchanges,
cryptocurrency, dApps and
digital wallets
– Founder of Committed Solutions
– Managed projects for companies
such as Dropbox and Checkpoint

Alex Oh


Sean Kim

– Over 18 years of Game develop
& service experience
– Wassapp, CEO / Founder
– CJ E&M netmarble, Game portal
business team manager
– Ynk Korea, manager of game
development team for MSN messenger
– CJ internet Poker game usiness & planning



You can exchange “MECA Coin” for “MECA Chip” in the “MECA Casino” exchange office.
Then, you can play game by using that.
Also, MECA Coin can be used for the purchase of individual casinos and asset transactions such as casino asset.

1. The lack of transparency due to the previously centralized nature of gambling platforms, which results in a lack of player trust. This includes both game odds and winnings distribution, which can be easily verified via the MECA Chain.
2. The often overlooked ‘fun factor’ of both online and offline casinos, where gambling-based entertainment and playtime is reduced due to overwhelmingly house-favoring odds and a general lack of visual quality in gambling games. MECA Casino strives to provide the highest level of game quality, longest play time-to-cost value, and cross-device compatibility.

CRYPTOMECA is in the process of obtaining international casino license. CRYPROMECA will constantly expand the jurisdictions of the casino license.

MECA Casino will be serviced with dAPP which utilize ICON’s main network.
ICON is MECA Casino’s service platform.

Services are available within countries where the casino is legally permissible.

We aim to open the service in 2019, and think that there is some hope that some things could be serviced earlier than expectation.
Future detail development plans will be announced as soon as possible.